A New Kind of Revolution

The media industry today is the result of decades in system development. A system that has been perfectly developed to house you and to keep you captivated with it. At first all seemed well as creators could do what they do best. Create but then the system has evolved, managers and networks came in to place. Tools and finance became a big part of the equation. Creators evolved and progressed in utilizing creative concepts and ideas. Networks developed in constructing a more reinforced system. A system that has been designed in every single way for efficiency and profit. Contracts that lock you in a claustrophobic room, leaving you shackled in chains only with the most basic of the tools to work with. Tools you are limited to, leaving absolutely no progress for creative development, stunting creative growth all while network growth increases exponentially.

Rule is a new kind of MCN ( Multi Channel Network ) on YouTube. Its sole purpose is to work alongside creators as a team not as a superior. Our tools and technology were specifically developed to ensure maximum creative efficiency for the creator. Not only that but we remove those walls and barriers other networks put before you. Support being a fantastic example, you don't have to spend hours on locating the page, clicking through multiple pages that ask you if you are sure you need human support, no. You go straight to an extremely simple and straightforward ticketing system. Clean, simple support. Rule supercharges talent by placing each creator in to a unique sub-program. As an example artists get a direct link in to Vevo with us. We work alongside many brands who specialise in their own corners to ensure that each and every creator gets a personalized treatment.